We carry a comprehensive range of light hardware, everything to meet the needs of the enthusiastic home D.I.Y.er, decorator and gardener.

Over the years we have built up a favorable reputation with our customers through our extensive knowledge of all our products and our helpful staff. We aim to stock the most up to date stock and user-friendly products available.

Tools and Equipment

Click on the image above to see a vast array of tools and equipment we supply to meet all your diy and project needs.


We stock Dulux and Fleetwood Paints. We use a tinting system to mix any colour available on the Dulux and Fleetwood catalogues, for both interior and exterior finishes. Our range of paint accessories includes, primers, wood stains, abrasives, paint brushes, fillers and sand paper. We also stock specialist products for wood cleaning and restoration.


Vokes stock a wide range of gardening accessories such as clipping sheers, rakes, netting, strimming lines, gardening gloves, lawn seed, sprayers, peat moss, bark mulch, tub and basket compost, ceramic and plastic pots and window boxes.
We have a great selection of summer bedding plants and perennial plants. Perennials are great plants for large flower beds because in most cases they return year after year. Why not try sowing your own plants from our Suttons vegetable and flower seeds collection.
Keep your garden in top condition with our assortment of weed killers (Vitax SBK, Gallup and Weedol), lawn care (Lawn Buster and Green Force) and plant care (Multi Rose).


Our Electrical range includes, kettles, toasters,irons, microwaves and hairdriers. We also stock phones and accessories such as cordless phones and phone chargers.


Vokes also has a wide range of HG products to make lots of everyday lots easier…such as Scale Away, Hob Cleaner, Tile Cleaner, Tile Restorer, HG Stove Glass Cleaner, Stove Grate and Polish, 1001 Carpet Cleaner for new and dried in stains on carpets, Peek Polish for silver, brass, stainless steel, aluminum.
We also have a variety of fire place accessories including Fire Irons, Coal Bunkers, Grates and Wicker Log Baskets.
Other hardware stocked by Vokes features Paprika Cast Aluminum post boxes, which will not rust. They can be wall mounted or built in to a wall and are available in a range of styles and finishes.


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